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After winning several beauty pageants in Northwest Florida, Dawn moved to Los Angeles in 1980 and became a model for Fredericks of Hollywood. By immersing herself in the local beauty culture, Dawn learned that many people in Hollywood had skincare complaints that weren’t being met simply by receiving routine monthly facials. After interning at a prestigious facial clinic in the mid-90’s, Dawn learned that the only true way to combat problematic skin and address the first signs of aging was through the use of galvanic current.

Dawn’s “Hannibal Lecter” galvanic masks have now made her a favorite amongst Hollywood insiders who come in twice a month to get “hooked up” to her electric facial machine. Through this process known as EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), Dawn’s technique tightens and firms sagging skin, forces hydration into the skin’s dermal tissue (to reduce fine lines) and constricts the pores with a germicidal method that keeps dirt and bacteria from causing future break-outs.

In addition to numerous TV shows and magazine accolades, Dawn DaLuise has been awarded the titles of “Best Facialist in Los Angeles” in the Los Angeles Magazine, as the Premier “Hollywood Insider Facialist” by Vogue magazine and, again, by Vogue in their “Who Keeps Hollywood Gorgeous” issue. More recently, Vogue, profiled Dawn’s eyebrow shaping technique on vogue.com.

“My workout treatments are like going to a skin gym for the face. Since we exercise our larger muscle groups to keep our bodies firm and youthful, the same approach should also be applied to the smaller muscles in our face.”

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Having owned a successful skincare clinic in Los Angeles for 20 years, Dawn faced a traumatizing experience that thrust her, unexpectedly,  into the forefront of the media recently.  Both Dawn and her two daughters were being stalked so her attention to her profession immediately shifted and focused, instead, upon keeping herself and her family safe and out of harms way.  As both a crime victim and a cancer survivor, Dawn soon returned to the career she always loved more determined then ever to provide her clientele with the quality care they’d grown to expect from her.   Here she sat down with Dr Phil to explain her ordeal and to discuss with him ways in which she could move forward in relaunching her successful career.

A huge part of Dawn’s recovery was being able to share her story with the public on shows like Dr Phil, The Doctors, Inside Edition and, more recently, the UK docu-drama, “My Online Nightmare: Cyberstalking”.  Dawn used the press as a vessel for getting her message out about the competitive nature of the beauty business as well as how she would not allow for her attackers to defeat her.  As Dawn tells Dr Phil, “I am strong and my assailants have not stopped me from pursuing my passion for skin care and helping others.

Dawn was a guest on the CBS show, “The Doctors” to explain the type of skincare treatments she provides to her clientele, following her cancer ordeal and the relaunching and  relocation of her new salon.